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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been here at New4Me.

There have been a lot of projects I’ve been involved in and this blog has fallen by the way side.

There are three blogs I am now involved in, other than this one.

Effective Children’s Ministry – where my colleague and friend Catherine and I are uploading our children’s ministry original resources.

First! Again – which is a digest of past articles from the Christian magazine I edit for The Faith Mission.

Slices of My Life – a brand new personal blog.

Eventually this one will be closed down, but I hope you will enjoy reading posts in the other blogs.


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Layer mask in Photoshop

At last I have found a brief and simple explanation of how to make and use a layer mask in Photoshop.

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Little Dorrit

I have never been drawn to the work of Charles Dickens. The social needs of his era were enormous and I thought depressing. So when I had a choice in my English Lit. course at college, I chose to study Austen instead of Dickens.

Now, after several friends have told me how wonderful the BBC adaptation of Little Dorrit is, I have taken the plunge into the Dickens waters!

As a subscriber to Audible downloadable audio books, I was able to grab a real bargain – the full unabridged Little Dorrit, read by one of my favourite actors and voice talents, Anton Lesser. Over 35 hours of audio, for one monthly credit with Audible. It was so big a file that it took four separate downloads to grab it all!

So far I have listened to three chapters of the most wonderful description of places and people, got inside their heads, smiles at Dickens’ humour, wit and irony and am thoroughly looking forward to another chapter tonight! The reviews on Audible are right. Anton Lesser brings the very best out of this work, and makes the world of Dickens understandible to us.

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Problem with video loop in PowerPoint

It just would not play! I followed all the instructions about inserting video. Including this one which is as clear as a bell.
The image appeared in the Powerpoint, yet still it would not play in presentation mode. Finally, after much googling, I found the answer – a simple one! Videos in PowerPoint are not embedded, merely linked to. The problem lies in the player that Powerpoint uses being able to follow a path to the file (which should, incidentally, be in the same folder as the PowerPoint presentation).
This player is limited to following a path of only a certain number of characters (a hundred and something, as I recall). My video and Powerpoint was so deep in the folder structure, and the video loop had such a long file name, that the path exceeded the allotted characters.

Solution? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeazy…when you know how! Simply shorten the name of the video loop file. I suppose I could have copied the whole shebang onto my desktop and relinked the videos from there.

So now, job done! Everything plays nicely when it should It even works in PowerPoint Viewer, when packaged for CD. All that is left is to get the background music syncing with the voiceover and we’ll be done.

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How to wrap hoses and cables!

Whether it is rolling up hose on the allotment, or putting away guitar, microphone and speaker cables, I usually manage to get them put away nicely, but they all get in a tangle when I pull them out again.
What am I doing wrong? At last, someone has shown three ways of wrapping up cords and hoses – to preserve them and make them easy to unwrap.
Sorry the video is not embeddable, but if you go to the link below and wait while it loads, your visit will be worth while.
>>How to wrap hoses and cords

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Restringing a guitar

This is a perennial task, and one I put off as long as I can.
This video is the simplest and clearest explanation I have seen so far.

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New4me: cauliflower recipe. Mmmmm!

I never thought of roasting cauliflower. Check out this blog. Keep scrolling…the recipes get better and better!!  As I have planted caulis this year I can look forward to trying some of them.

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