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Stay calm and follow instructions

Last week I hit a bad patch with my computer software.

I had been using Adobe CS2 for a while, and now I was to upgrade to CS3.  As always, I did a web search of any known issues and discovered that some people had hit bad problems – all the programs in the suite loaded without difficulty, except Acrobat and Acrobat reader 8.

I imagined that I would be one of those who had a trouble-free install and pressed ahead.  It wasn’t to be.  All went well – Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, InDesign all loaded smoothly; then, just as the green bar had crept almost to the end, and just as Acrobat was loading, the installation stopped and a message told me that one element had failed to install – Acrobat.  Forty minutes to install and almost an hour  to uninstall the whole suite ate into that evening. I tried again – twice! Install…get stuck…uninstall.

Drastic measures were called for, so it was a late night spent scouring the web for a solution.  Finally I found it, in the shape of post by Larry Riggs. This analysed the problem, explained a solution and then led me by the hand through the inplementation.  Adobe CS3 is now fully installed and operating sweetly.

Larry’s solution led me “to boldly go…” into the depths of the registry.  It sounds really neat in Larry’s words: “drilling down to CLSID at the fifth level.”  ;-)!!!

The lesson I learned in all this is to stay calm and follow instructions.  This guy knows what he is talking about, explains in a crystal-clear manner ( even I could understand it), has helped hundreds to resolve their computer problems and gave me confidence to go ahead and do it.

I prayed for God to help me and as I set off following the info on Larry’s page, I realized that what he was asking me to do would not crash anything – indeed it was reversable. So, having read carefully the whole thing, I followed step by step and ticked everything off as I completed it.  IT WORKED!

If you have this problem, or are contemplating upgrading to CS3, you’ll want to see Larry’s masterly piece .  

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Cranford and Mrs Gaskell

Today I discovered Cranford.  Not having seen the original BBC series, based on three novels by nineteenth century writer, Mrs Gaskell, I bought the boxed set from Amazon. The reviews were very favourable and I haven’t been disappointed. On the contrary, the humour had me laughing out loud; the acting was brilliant and the costumes, scenery and photography were outstanding.

I’ve finished episode 1 and can’t wait for the free time to view another succulunt chunk! 

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Learning is a joy

Mum always told me: “You can learn something new every day.” I’ve found that to be true. Most of what I have learned has been known by others before I even heard of it! But it has been new for me – whether an idea,  a skill, or even some little item to drop into what my dad used to call “My compendium of useless facts” -which, in dad’s case, were far from useless.

This blog will be as much for my benefit as for others, as I chart the  things I find which are new for me.

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