Cranford and Miss Marple

It was an excellent production, and thoroughly enjoyable.  Every episode was loaded with cracking narrative and stunning photography (the lighting was a particularly joy). I viewed them in the evening, and all the following day pondered on the latest episode.

I was reminded of a remark made by a character in a Miss Marple story. He said something to the effect that she viewed the world through the prism of her small English village.  I think Mrs Gaskell has done the same with Cranford

When I speak of Miss Marple I mean, of course, the Agatha Christie character. My flat mate and I bought the boxed set of Miss Marple mysteries. She is captured impeccably by Joan Hickson, a fine actress. There is nothing that jars about her performance and after watching an episode, I always feel relaxed and uplifted. I cannot say the same about modern crime drama, which I find I cannot watch any more, because of the violence and harsh reality.

Escaping to an idyllic village – whether Cranford or St Mary Mead – is my idea of a chill-out zone!

I had known of Mrs Gaskell before, but never read any of her books or seen any film of one. So this was new for me.  I’m looking forward to the promised Cranford Christmas special at the end of the year.


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