Adobe InDesign CS3 rocks!

I just love InDesign CS3. After all the problems I had getting the new CS3 suite installed I am delighted with it.

The upgrade from CS2 has been well worth while and I am discovering new benefits every day. So far the best thing for me has been the new tool panels (or are they palettes? I always get mixed up because I think the different programs in the suite call them different things). They dock perfectly, the icons are easily recognized, they fly out and slide back very elegantly. And the new effects pallet/panel is great. Applying effects so quickly to fill, stroke, text or objects – the versatility and usability is far better than CS2.

There is still heaps to learn about InDesign, but I get great help from the podcast done by David Blatner and Ann-Marie Concepcion. They speak so personally to us listeners; as a noobie I get a lot from it, and yet don’t feel they speak down to me, or over my head. They are not only very knowledgeable and informative, but also personable and humorous. Their podcast (InDesign Secrets) is the highlight of my week-eek-eek-eek (You have got to hear an episode to get that reference!!)


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