Embedding a YouTube video in a blog

Wow! Am I chuffed!  I managed to embed the YouTube video in the previous post.

I had tried a few times a couple of weeks ago – but got no joy. I don’t know what I was doing wrong. But the process is simple enough.

When you see a video you want to embed (rather than merely give a link in your post so that the reader can leave you to go and view it … and get distracted and spend the next hours viewing YouTube instead of reading your great posts!!) look to the right of ther YouTube page.
There you may see a box marked “Embed”. In the box is some code.
Click inside the box and the text inside it will be highlighted.  This is what you must copy. The keyboard shortcut for that action is Ctrl+C on a PC.

Now go into your post and hit the tab that transfers you to HTML view. In the place in your post where you want the video to show, click and paste in the copied coding (Ctrl+V).
Save your post and view it to see if all is working well.

Trying something new on the computer can be like fishing. What will the result be

When I’m previewing a web page I’ve made or, in this case, a post with a new trick in it, I imagine I feel a bit like fishermen do when they are waiting to see what is on the end of the line or in the net they are hauling. It’s a good expectation. And even if I’ve failed to do what I wanted, there’s usually a reason, and finding it is the next challenge.


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