Organic slug control – garlic

I met a lady who runs a garden centre in East Lothian (damp Scotland!). She was telling me that her dahlias had been badly hit by slugs – in previous years, that is. But this year she is trying a new remedy – garlic water! It sounded good to me, and she said it seems to be working so far. 

Here is Cilla’s recipe for Slug Deterrant.
Take two heads of garlic. Peel and crush them.
Boil for 4 or 5 minutes in 2 pints of water.
Strain, and make up the liquid to 2pints
Leave the liquid to cool and bottle.
To use, take 1 tablespoon of the garlic water and add to 1 gallon of water in a watering can.
Water over your plants and leave to dry. Apparently this works best on a dry day, as the bitter liquid dries on the leaves. The slugs must not like the taste as Cilla’s dahlias are the best they have been for ages!

 This I will be trying on the allotment. We are over-ridden with the wee slimy beasties!

The Root blog has a fascinating page on this very subject of slug control, copper and garlic here .  We can learn so much from each other.


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