Hi there, I am Lin Pearson.

I was born in Liverpool in 1949, and from then on moved every 3 years or so, as my father was in the Royal Air Force. I  have lived in N.Ireland, Singapore, England  (several locations), and now I live in Scotland.

Mum always told me: “You can learn something new every day.” I’ve found that to be true. Most of what I have learned has been known by others before I even heard of it! But it has been new for me – whether an idea,  a skill, or even some little item to drop into what my dad used to call “My compendium of useless facts” -which, in dad’s case, were far from useless. This blog will be as much for my benefit as for others, as I chart the  things I find which are new for me.

I am very contented…

  • I live in a city I love – Edinburgh.
  • I work at something I love – editing a magazine for a Christian Missionary society, The Faith Mission.
  • I have hobbies that I enjoy and which stimulate me (even though I don’t have enough time to pursue them) – gardening on the allotment, playing the guitar, camping and caravanning, computer stuff.
  • I have wonderful friends, some I see often, others on the other side of the world, but all equally dear to me.

But, above all, I have peace with God, since I asked him to forgive my sin and be the Boss of my life. I know that I have a purpose in life, and living to fulfil it gives me great satisfaction – not in my self, but in Jesus Christ, who helps me every day.


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