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Isn’t it fascinating how many words have changed their meaning over the years.  When I first dipped my toe into computing it was a whole new language. Mouse, driver, wallpaper, copy and paste – everything seemed to be old words with new meanings.

The word I found hardest to use was avatar [ the little picture that accompanies a post and is a logo representing the poster] .  I had known this term before, but its only meaning to me was the Hindu concept of a higher god-like being. So it kind of jarred with me. This is because I am a Christian and didn’t want to call any representation of myself an avatar. My belief is that there is only one God, supreme, unique.

Now, of course, I realize that in addition to the original use avatar means something else.  I use the words mouse and wallpaper without even thinking of the original meanings, so now use avatar in an equally untroubled way.

All this has come to the front of my mind as I’m setting up this blog and tweaking a few things. I would like to use the option given here at WordPress to upload an avatar. That’s another design challenge for another day!

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