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My new blogs

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been here at New4Me.

There have been a lot of projects I’ve been involved in and this blog has fallen by the way side.

There are three blogs I am now involved in, other than this one.

Effective Children’s Ministry – where my colleague and friend Catherine and I are uploading our children’s ministry original resources.

First! Again – which is a digest of past articles from the Christian magazine I edit for The Faith Mission.

Slices of My Life – a brand new personal blog.

Eventually this one will be closed down, but I hope you will enjoy reading posts in the other blogs.

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How to wrap hoses and cables!

Whether it is rolling up hose on the allotment, or putting away guitar, microphone and speaker cables, I usually manage to get them put away nicely, but they all get in a tangle when I pull them out again.
What am I doing wrong? At last, someone has shown three ways of wrapping up cords and hoses – to preserve them and make them easy to unwrap.
Sorry the video is not embeddable, but if you go to the link below and wait while it loads, your visit will be worth while.
>>How to wrap hoses and cords

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Learning is a joy

Mum always told me: “You can learn something new every day.” I’ve found that to be true. Most of what I have learned has been known by others before I even heard of it! But it has been new for me – whether an idea,  a skill, or even some little item to drop into what my dad used to call “My compendium of useless facts” -which, in dad’s case, were far from useless.

This blog will be as much for my benefit as for others, as I chart the  things I find which are new for me.

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